AIM Career English Programs


AIM Career English programs are specially designed to help candidates improve their English speaking skills especially for Career-related interviews with their “dream Company”.

AIM Career English is conducted online with a live ACE Facilitator using the 3-Modular approach

  • Who: ACE Your Interview
  • How+What: ICE Yourself
  • Why+Where: MAP Your Destination

AIM Career English is distinctly different because of the following 3 Factors:

  1. Focus – AIM highlights all the common expressions, mannerisms and individual styles used by candidates to improve and enhance your spoken English within the time-proven Accelerated Learning Process;
  2. Friendliness – Each candidate enjoys the One-to-One with the highly- personalized services of ACE Facilitator throughout the entire Program;
  3. Fraternity –All post-graduates of the Programs are invited to network with the Career Specialists for further learning and personal Career Development.

AIM Career English will benefit all working professionals because it can be customized to suit all levels regardless of educational background and career aspirations. You will re-learn and master the communication skills essential to advance both your personal & professional working life. Call us Today to find out what AIM Career English can do for you!

Watch our ACE My Interview Video here.

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