Established since 2007, MyPath Sdn Bhd provides the two-prong complete HR Solutions to both our valued Employers as well as our Job-seekers.

For Employer
As the Human Capital Solutions & Services Provider, MyPath offers the full spectrum of HR Services ranging from planning to execution. Our Core Team of qualified & experienced experts with different expertise in each HR functional area is assembled to support you and all our client’s needs. Please contact us today for our complimentary 24-point HR Assessment of your business.


recruiters-checking-candidate-job-interview-office-37394926For Job-seeker

MyPath also provides career services to support undergraduates, fresh graduates, and working adults from finding jobs to enhancing their employability. Our specially-designed suites of career services are tailored to meet each job-seekers need. Please contact us today for our complimentary Job-personality Assessment of yourself.

Talent Hire & Retention

From hiring from 1 to 99 staff or even more, our team of experts is very experienced in Recruitment to Executive Search & Recruitment Outsourcing for Special Project with Retention (SPR) values. Learn more…

HR Consulting

We Provide FULL, SEMI & even spectrum of HR Consultancy services mainly in strategies, policies compliances, processes, operations, managements to support any of your HR operational needs. Learn more …

HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing saves you valuable time which translates into an effective cost-saving strategy when you allocate your specific HR processes over to our team of HR Specialists. Leverage on our collective expertise for a full spectrum of HR services for your business. Learn more…

HR Tools & Automation

Knowing and Understanding the “cause factors” before building the solution to solve the problem. Our Consultants have tools and systems that will help your business build pro-active solutions even before your problems arise.  Learn more …

Executive Coaching

Creating your performance driven team, gearing your top executives towards succession plan or just grooming your executives into next level leadership, all of which can be achieved through Executive Coaching.  Learn more …

Project Management

Constant changes in our business environment place constant pressures and demands on limited human resources. We offer Project Management Services from Recruitment to Performance Management, Learn more …

Corporate Fitness Program

The 21st Century is an exciting era where we work not only with people but with technology in the form of gadgets like laptops, smartphones, hence the advent of our sedentary working environment where convenience read more …

Career Coaching

Career Coaching allows Undergraduates, Fresh Graduates & Working Adults to minimize time lost in not knowing which job to apply for plus avoid any costly career mistakes, plus have a neutral knowledgeable person to talk to. Learn more …

Career Services

Suites of Career Services and programs specifically designed by Career Specialists to support job-seekers to be employable. Accelerated Career English Program, Discover Your Personality to match your study/jobs, and many more …

Need Consultation

Need to talk to our Career Consultant for career direction, job change, better-paying jobs or “how to handle” situation at work, we will do our best to offer our support or advice. Contact us to find out more …

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