Career Services

Suites of Career Services and programs specifically designed by Career Specialists to support job-seekers to be employable. Accelerated Career English Program, Discover Your Personality to match your study/jobs, and many more …

We are your Dedicated Career Specialist. If you’re seeking the right career path now and would like to know more, please contact Us Today @ MyPath to find out more how we can support you!

Seeking your career path is not easy so let us assist and guide you with our many years of experience in helping people with similar needs. Let our Career Specialists @ MyPath make your journey more fun, meaningful and less stressful.

We have custom-designed our career services based on constant changing demands from the employment world for students, job-seekers and working adults who needed support in their career path.  Contact Us to find out more how we can support you TODAY!

Our Specialised services to support Career-seeker’s success as follows;

SPM/STPM Leavers

Undergraduates/Fresh Graduates

Working Adults

Contact Us to find out more how we can support you TODAY!

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