Project Management

Constant changes in our business environment place constant pressures and demands on limited human resources. We offer Project Management Services from Recruitment to Performance Management, Learn more …

Recognizing the ever-changing demands on the current business environment and constant pressures on limited resources, we will offer a unique Project Management Services which relieve the clients from the complexities of managing the projects and thus enabling them to focus on core business. Our service delivery model is built to provide dynamic and value-added solutions across many industry channels.

We can provide you with our unique Project Management Services in the following areas:

  • New Start-up for F&B Outlets
  • Short-term – Long-term Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Ad-Hoc project hiring
  • Restructuring
  • Enhancing Retention Program and many more …

Contact Us to find out more how we can support you TODAY!

Example 1: Special Project on Hiring and Job Placement



Example 2: Special Project on Employee Performance


Example 3: Special Project on Job Evaluation & Salary Structure


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