Talent Hire & Retention

From hiring from 1 to 99 staff or even more, our team of experts is very experienced in Recruitment to Executive Search & Recruitment Outsourcing for Special Project with Retention (SPR) values. Learn more…

We understand Hiring and Retaining Your best talent is now your most important strategy in Your Organisation today in order to thrive in this competitive business world.

Our team is highly specialized in the field of recruitment and executive search.   We understand your need to hire the best-fit candidates who are equipped with the right personality, IQ, EQ, SQ, skills which are closely matched to the Vision, Mission and Values of your organization.   With more than 20 years of accumulated team experience working with industries, corporations, academic institutions, and graduates especially Gen Y, MyPath truly understands and supports your hiring needs.

Our Complete Suites of Talent Hiring Solutions are designed with

  • cost effectiveness
  • driven by the latest technology
  • building today’s talent pool for tomorrow
  • high retention initiatives

We customize our solutions to suits your organization’s specific requirements. Our Suite of Value -Add Recruitment Solutions and Services are as follows:

eRecruitment Support

  • Career Shout-Out! through job portal
  • Screening & Shortlist Support

eRecruitment starts by our online Shout-Out your Career Openings to thousands of career-seekers registered and following us through our Social Media Platforms.    Posting jobs are now made easier when we take over the Screening, Qualifying, and Profiling, the most time consuming and costly processes on your behalf.  Our Career Specialists will take care of this tedious and time-consuming process to Screen, Qualify and Shortlist on your behalf so that you can have more time to focus on Hiring & Offering your Talents.

Contact Us to find out more how we can support you TODAY!

Value-Add Recruitment Support

  • Customized Hire & Retain Programs
  • Service sector Hire & Retain Programs
  • Semi-skill Hire & Retain Programs
  • Operators Hire & Retain Programs
  • Hostel & Transport Management
  • Recruitment & Executive Search
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Blue Collar Placement & Outsourcing
  • Pre-employment & Development Tools
  • Executive Coaching

Value-Add Recruitment Support is solutions to all your hiring strategy be they short term or long term.  From immediate hiring needs to specific hiring needs like headhunting, we provide full- spectrum recruitment services in all sectors and industries from the basic Blue-collar hiring right up to Executive-Search.

Most organizations usually hire to fill up a vacancy but this hiring process may not present the most ideal incumbent to hire due to the urgency to fill-up the positions.  It is now proven that hurried decisions to hire will only result into uneven matching which may later result in more costs involved. What if there was a pipeline of a passive pool of candidates today which can be funneled towards your organization for future hiring? Ask us today about our Talent Pipeline Programs where we stream a flow of interested candidates to your organization when you need to hire, thereby providing you choices to hire your best-fit talent.

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The Next Step

After You identify who to hire for Executive levels, you may want to conduct a pre-employment test to ensure your incumbent matches your organization’s expectation from personality, abilities, EQ and potential.  The pre-employment assessment provides up to almost 90% assurance of knowing who you hire.

The Next Level

Executive Coaching among the Multi-National companies is now a proven strategy for team growth and development, vital keys to the success of the continuous growth of your organization.   Executive Coaching grooms the top 20% key executives to be groomed into succession planning for key roles in future management positions.   Building leaders through Executive Coaching have proven to be more effective while complementing mentoring or consultation in today’s leadership development programs.  Please contact us today to find out HOW Executive Coaching  can elevate your organization to the next level

Contact Us to find out more how we can support you TODAY!

Learning & Development

  • Customized Learning & Development Workshop (Soft-skill & Technical)

Imparting new knowledge and applying it back to daily work will always ensure a sustainable and successful growth pattern for your Organisation.   We have Facilitators and Trainers experienced in offering Technical development programs and soft-skill development programs.  We understand Your current needs and expected outcome so please contact Us Today to find out more how we can support you!

Contact Us to find out more how we can support you TODAY!

 Corporate Branding

  • Corporate Career Portal complete with latest Applicant Tracking Software.
  • Career Broadcasting & Advertisements

Working 24×7 for your Organisation, MyPath’s Corporate Career Portal is linked to the latest Applicant Tracking System that provides comprehensive support from Job Posting, Listing, Applicant’s Registration as well as managing Active and Passive database until comprehensive back-end Recruitment Processes.

In order to hire the best talent, firstly we must be able to attract them. Broadcast & Advertising your presence through Employer Branding is designed to actively engage your potential talent, make them aware of your Organisation so they will consider being part of your team when they are ready. Don’t be surprised that they might decide to join you sooner once they know who your Organisation is, so please contact Us Today to find out more how we can support you!

Contact Us to find out more how we can support you TODAY!

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