Place & Train Program




Today’s competitive world has made job-hunting both challenging and daunting especially for those who do not possess the right paper qualifications to apply.

We @ MyPath do understand how frustrating it can be when you cannot find the job that will also give you the opportunity to work and learn at the same time.

We have good news for you!

We are inviting sincere candidates looking for serious work that comes with in-house training and management development with our Employers who are seeking for best-fit individuals to join their team.

So no matter what is happening in the job market, you can still be hopeful in finding fair Employers who will provide you the opportunity to join, work, learn and grow all at the same time with them.

As we have different programs designed for different industries, please contact us Today to find out more.

Not just a job, it’s your Career!


Place & Train Programs
  • Place & Train Trainee Program for Service Sector
  • Place & Train Trainee Program for Hospitality Sector
    • Hotel Management Trainee Program
  • Place & Train Trainee Program for Engineering
  • Place & Train Trainee Program for Nursing Aides
  • Place & Train Trainee Program for Administration
  • Place & Train Trainee Program for Management Trainee
How to apply


For Application or Consultation or Inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly consultants

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Whatsapp : 016-416 6989
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John Goh
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