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Knowing what we do & Loving what we are doing are both very important but always the question is HOW do we know WHAT we are doing is RIGHT?

Of course, we can find out after many years of knocking our heads on the wall and realize that it is not Right OR you can avoid the pain by using our tools to help find out more about yourself.  Before going into Strength personality and many others personality tools, one of the simpler tools my clients have found to be effective and affordable is our MyCareer Interest Profiler (MyCIP) tools.

Students, Undergraduates and Working adults who, at their cross-road are looking for the Right decision to avoid any costly mistakes in future.  Your investment for MyCIP plus our experienced one-to-one consultation only costs RM150 (for working adults) and RM90 (for students).  It is

It is straight-forward and very effective career tool that works!  Contact Us Today @ we are committed to support you!


Eventually, it builds back my confidence and be more clear towards my career direction. In fact, life is good to know Jenna as a person, I will sing your praises anyone who needs a career coach, because of your compassion, understanding and professionalism.
Nicholas, Fresh Graduate

MyCIP results has reassured me that my decision to take up physiotherapy course is right!
Lenim, SPM Student

MyCIP helps me know myself better and which career or job that is suitable for me.  It shows me the correct direction in my career path.  MyCIP is a good tool that allows me to know myself better, I feel awake and relief after this assessment because it guides me to the right career path that really matches my interest and personalities.
Tan Kit Yee, Working Adult

I needed a change, I have been working as Administrator for 15 years now and I found myself not motivating of going to work anymore. I always wanted to be on my own business but I am afraid I might be making a mistake, therefore I found MyPath website and the Career Interest Profiling they offer.  I decided to call Jenna and it was magic after that.  My Interest Profiling confirms my area of interest and what I am good at as well as the potential areas I can explore. I was guessing what I could do, but the results has confirmed my doubt and allow me to move forward with confident.  Jenna’s consultation helped me the most. I am grateful!
Amanda, Working Adult

I was very confuse in what I want, but because of the CIP result, I understand what I really want now
Jennalyn, Undergraduate Philippines

The CIP helps me to find what kind of job I should do in future, and I think this kind of job suit me very well.  Cher, Undergraduate China

The CIP, it helps me find what I like and dislike, what my passion, and now I know what I must do.
Aisyah, Undergraduate Indonesia

The CIP, give me a clear picture about what kind of job I can do.   Let me know what I need to prepare myself for my career path.    Mandy, Undergraduate China

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