Executive Search Business Program

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Are you looking for Alternative Career Path?

Since 2000, we have been working with countless job seekers who are constantly asking themselves:

  1. What other opportunities are there besides working for corporations?
  2. How do I become self-employed or build my own business?
  3. What kind of business will be suitable for me?

MyPath is offering an Executive Search Business Program specially designed for individual looking at having a career where they could work from home or anywhere they wish and being engaged in a professional business using the experiences or skill they have.  Our Executive Search Business Program is a 12-months Work & Study concepts that allow you to learn, apply and earn at the same time!  You’ll me assigned with a Coach/Mentor and a Buddy to work with you throughout the program.

This program is very suitable for any individual who wants to create a stream of sustainable income, enjoy work hours which are balanced and more importantly, be involved in the career which provides them purpose and fulfillment.

Who Should Join Our Program

  • Individuals who are seeking for balanced-work-life
  • Individuals who are seeking Career-development vs Jobs
  • Individuals who have recruitment experience and would love to turn it into a business and help others to find their dream job
  • Expatriates who are seeking for a business/career while residing in Malaysia

Our Platform

MyPath Int’l Talent Academy is purpose-built to match and build individuals into self-employed or business owners of different products and services within Human Capital Services.

If you love to see others succeed in finding their best-fit job/career by playing that important role of being a career match-maker, then this Executive Search Business (ESB) is the Program for you!

Our Executive Search Business Program will equip you to Learn the skills and technique of headhunting & client acquisitions and management, Apply what you have learned instantly through real-time business projects & Earn by closing the business deals.   We have developed this unique ecosystem that enables individuals to learn and conduct their business all at the same time.  What has been learned will be applicable immediately to real-time projects that involved hiring clients and career-seekers.

The science behind executive search goes beyond networking and database searching.  It requires a dynamic set of critical thinking tools and communication skills to engage both hiring clients, as well as career-seekers. Our Executive Search Business Program offers experienced recruiters, as well as industry experts the opportunity to gain an invaluable insight into what it takes to be the successful executive search consultant.

Our 12 months Executive Search Business program will enable you to

  • Discover your purpose in this career
  • Learn proven & structured methodology and science in acquiring business & candidates
  • Participate in group & 1:1 activities to assist you in selling the benefits of executive search as a unique sourcing strategy
  • Executive search is evolving both domestically and globally.  If you are a business-savvy, commercially-minded individual who wants to make a difference in your field of expertise, this program will offer you deep insights into how to become a top search consultant.
  • Be coached to be a specialist in a specific industry or specialization
  • Access to experienced Coaches & Mentors to be a Big Biller!
  • Find fulfillment in assisting others to find their best fit career as well as you find your fulfillment in matching & placing them.
  • This is a Win/Win program where you can earn while you study
  • Access to executive search resource library and learn from the world best practices!
  • Lastly, do what you love and find abundance in happiness, success, wealth and fulfillment!

Who Are We Looking For 

We are looking for individuals who have high EQ, interest in this profession and self-driven to be committed to the experiential 12-months program.  The outcome of this Executive Search Business Program will develop you to be:

  • articulate and intelligent with the ability to build relationships
  • out-going with a dynamic personality
  • able to communicate confidently
  • tenacious and highly motivated
  • driven to achieve targets and goals
  • good listener & ability to analyst without judgmental
  • enjoy the process & never give up attitude 

Your Investment

This 12 months program will run parallel with your video based classes & experiential learning practice on an actual project.  For the first 6 months, each individual will be fully inducted into the program and the following 6 months will be mainly refining their skills and techniques to become a Big Biller!

Experienced industry-coaches will coach throughout the 12 months you and monthly 1:1 sessions will be arranged to facilitate a smooth and successful re-learning & application in this program.

If you’re interested in the ESB Program, please contact us to find out more about the cost involved for this program and how you can benefit from it.

Return On Investment

  • Your immediate ROI will be while you study how to be a professional Executive Search Consultant; you are already experiencing business closure billing your clients.
  • The business is flexible; you can be in Malaysia and servicing Singapore clients or clients from Saudi Arabia or any other countries.
  • You can decide to be self-employed, be attached to an agency or run your own agency.
  • Skills & experiences gained can be used as a career in talent acquisition with big corporations or international Executive Search firms.

Join Us Today!

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