MyCareer, MyChoice!


What’s NEXT after my results?
What COURSE shall I take?

Are the above questions familiar to you?

Is it Engineering, Accounting, Business, Marketing, Social Study, Interior Design, Scientist or none of the above because I am not sure?

I believed the above questions are very common among SPM/STPM students.  Some students are crystal clear about what they want to do after their results and they also keep true to their dream.

I have a friend who wanted to have a business related to programming or creating software for businesses.  Ever since he was standard six, his dad who opens a computer hardware shop inspired him.    He learned from his dad why computer should be used in an office and how it helps company to increase productivity therefore increase business profit. So from his dad’s sharing, he had this idea – “why don’t I build software next time and increase furthers my company’s profit?”

His journey started when he decided to own a company that designs software for business.  To support his dream, he decided to study well in his mathematics, add math, science, English and other relevant subjects as well.  He used his holidays to help his dad and learn more about programming. When he finishes his STPM, he pursued IT in programming and graduated in IT Engineering (programming).

He now owns a Penang-based company that serves International Clientele, mostly oversea customers and his yearly turnover is minimum RM1.5 million and growing.

The reason I share with you my friend’s story is because it was not pure luck.  He started by knowing where is he going. He had a destination in mind that is to have his own business in software programming.  From his destination, he prepared his journey to meet his dream, therefore he mapped out his entire studies and eventually getting himself into University to study the course that supported his dream.  While studying he also offers himself to do free programming for companies to gain experience.   His success today is also partly because HE KNOWS WHERE HE IS GOING NEXT AFTER HIS SPM.   HE TOOK CHARGE OF HIS JOURNEY TO REACH HIS DESTINATION.

So after reading this short story, would you like to ask yourself,  AM I TAKING CHARGE OF WHAT I WANT TO DO NEXT AFTER MY SPM/STPM?

If you’re not sure, don’t be too worried.  There is a SOLUTION! But you must want to find out not because your parents or teacher ask you to. It should be because you REALLY want to take charge of your OWN FUTURE!

We have undergraduates, graduates and young working adults who took our CIP and they have found answers to their doubts and some found confirmation in what they are doing or wanted to do.

Don’t just read and do nothing. If you are interested to find out how our CIP has helped many, below are some of the testimonies to share with you.  At the end of this sharing, we have also attached our brochure for you to know more about our CIP.



MyCIP results have reassured me that my decision to take up physiotherapy course is right!
Lenim, SPM Student

MyCIP helps me know myself better and which career or job that is suitable for me.  It shows me the correct direction in my career path.  MyCIP is a good tool that allows me to know myself better, I feel awake and relief after this assessment because it guides me to the right career path that really matches my interest and personalities.
Tan Kit Yee, Working Adult

I was very confused in what I want, but because of the CIP result, I understand what I really want now
Jennalyn, Undergraduate Philippines

The CIP helps me to find what kind of job I should do in future, and I think this kind of job suit me very well.  Cher, Undergraduate China

The CIP, it helps me find what I like and dislike, what my passion, and now I know what I must do.
Aisyah, Undergraduate Indonesia

The CIP, give me a clear picture about what kind of job I can do.   Let me know what I need to prepare myself for my career path.

undergraduate China

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