MyPath Talent Academy


The objective of our MyPath Int’l Talent Academy is to provide an alternative career to the individual who are seeking into self-employed or building a business through a learn & work development system.  This program are very suitable for the individual who are ready to Take Charge Of Their Own Career Path!  They no longer wait for people to recognize their ability and talents to be successful.  They want to create a stream of income that are sustainable, enjoy work hours that are balanced and importantly, the career provides them purpose and fulfillment.

Who Should Join Our Program

  • Individual who are seeking for balanced-work-life
  • Individual who are seeking Career vs Job 
  • Individual who are looking at a career where they could share their experience and coach those who needs it 
  • Expatriate who are seeking for a business/career while residing in Malaysia

We have developed various entrepreneur programs to assist the individual who is looking for a systematic and very affordable start-up business that focus on delivering values and happiness to others through their business.     Not all product and services are suitable for everyone, it just like a career, it needed to be a MATCH, if you’re open to exploring, please contact us for discussion and assessment on your suitability to join our entrepreneur programs.  Expatriate are welcome to join our program as well!

Our program partners who provide the opportunity believes in creating values in the business we do therefore you will have a piece of mind when you join our program.

Talent Acquisition & Career Development Programs

Contact Us Now! for discussion and assessment before deciding whether this program will fit into your plan and expectation.