What’s Next After Convocation



Many undergraduates or fresh graduates that we met through our work with undergraduates or our recruitment projects, we found many do not have a clear answer to where they are going after their graduation.

We also encountered the situation where undergraduates confess to us that they are “lost”.   They realized what they studied is not what they want to do, their CGPA results not very good, the issue with communicating in English and the list goes on…

We hear them and empathized with them.  We know we cannot just sit and listen therefore we decided to ACT.    Because many come to us for help and asked us to guide them therefore we spend time research and tested for the right tool that can assist them to discover their interest.  Only by knowing their interest, this will give a starting point for them to START RIGHT.

The tool we have used is called MyCIP, we have used it with many school leavers, undergraduates and fresh graduates and the good news, it works and assisted many to find the answer to What’s Next?

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valuesI contacted Jenna Loh to help me understand myself better for my career path. She took me on a journey to understand my strength, weakness, a personal value that helped me to make sense towards emotion/conflict that I triggered at the workplace.

In fact, it helps me to discover my positive strength, such as your determination, perseverance, willingness to change, willingness to endure setback in order to achieve your life goals, your values of integrity and being honest and true to yourself, willing to challenge yourself to be achieve your greatest ability.

Eventually, it builds back my confidence and be clearer towards my career direction. In fact, life is good to know Jenna as a person, I will sing your praises anyone who needs a career coach, because of your compassion, understanding, and professionalism.
Nicholas, Fresh Graduate

MyCIP results have reassured me that my decision to take up physiotherapy course is right!
Lenim, SPM Student

MyCIP helps me know myself better and which career or job that is suitable for me.  It shows me the correct direction in my career path.  MyCIP is a good tool that allows me to know myself better, I feel awake and relief after this assessment because it guides me to the right career path that really matches my interest and personalities.
Tan Kit Yee, Working Adult

I was very confused in what I want, but because of the CIP result, I understand what I really want now
Jennalyn, Undergraduate Philippines

The CIP helps me to find what kind of job I should do in future, and I think this kind of job suit me very well.  Cher, Undergraduate China

The CIP, it helps me find what I like and dislike, what my passion, and now I know what I must do.
Aisyah, Undergraduate Indonesia

The CIP, give me a clear picture about what kind of job I can do.   Let me know what I need to prepare myself for my career path.    Mandy, Undergraduate China

To be employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure. By Peter Hawkins